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Our Goal:

Our goal is to enhance the lives of our students by positive development achieved through a specially tailored program for only school age children. To provide safe and professional instruction in an encouraging environment. To encourage each and every person to be the very best they can be. To create a network of family and friends who recognize and respect the values taught at Kids Size World. To also maintain a healthy relationship with each person who choose to be a part of our programs.

School Year:
Our after school childcare is like no other! Our care givers are all up to date on yearly required training. We keep a very low child/teacher ratio, and a huge playground along with 2,000 square foot indoor floor that we play a lot of games on. we have TWO after school rooms, One room is the Adventurers Room (K-2nd) and the second is the Explorers Room (3rd-6th). Homework is our first priority. But, when finished each room is like a game room with a variety of game, toys, STEM activities, and much more for the kids to have fun with.

School age children are our whole focus, this means our program is specifically tailored with them in mind. We have a huge fenced in back yard, age appropriate games and activities for a fun filled summer. Most importantly we have an awesome staff here to serve you and your children. This summer we have a fun and action packed curriculum, education disguised as fun. Throughout the summer we will be taking field trips to many different places. For example, roller skating, swimming, movie theater, the battle ship, those are some examples of things we will try to do over the summer break.

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In The News:

  • First Day of School:

    • August 14th, 2023


Days we will Be CLOSED:

New Years day


Memorial day

4th of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas day

Daily Routine is as follows:

1. We pick the children up from school

2. They play for thirty minutes on the Main Floor/Outside.

3. We serve them a snack.

4. Then we have homework time with assistance.

5. Optional martial arts training.

6. Outside play (weather permitting)

7. Then games, games, games!

​Our Staff

We are here to honor your roll as a parent, and to partner with you in the development of your children.
As parents we understand the challenges working parents face everyday. Let us help you with the stress of summer & after school activities & homework.

We are well trained in child care development. Come  and  join our extended family, and experience what makes us different. Confidence - Focus – Coordination – Self discipline

We transport - Servicing Kinder & Up- Limited Space

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