2021 Summer Camp Program


This years theme is: 

Around the World in a summer

For this summer vacation, we will engage your children in experiments, and activities involving the Country of the week. We will learn about their culture, what are some similarities and differences, what types of food they eat and so much more.We also have planned a group activity for each week to help the children learn to work together to accomplish their goals and to keep the kids active through out the summer.

Along with the weekly activities we will be teaching the following:

Bully Prevention

Everyday manors and etiquette

Problem solving

   Our goal through out this summer is to keep your children active, learning new things and having fun all summer long.

Summer Child Care camp
Outdoor playground summer camp
Water park field trip
Summer Camp field trip

Meals are Included

6:00am - 6:30pm

Fun summer sun
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My staff and I are here to honor, and partner with you as a parent. During the summer we keep them busy with a lot of physical activities and we keep their mind learning in a fun, safe environment.

You really need to visit to see what makes us the best at what we do.


Bring your children to a safe licensed environment to enjoy the summer. We will take them Swimming, Movies and so much more.


Email: kuksool@yahoo.com


We specialize in school age children, 
but during the summer months we will be take younger sister or brothers.  

We have a huge fenced in back yard, age appropriate games and activities for a fun filled summer.
Most importantly we have an awesome staff here to serve you and your children.

*Limited Space* Register NOW! 

  This Summer we have a fun and action packed curriculum, 
education disguised as fun.
  Two field trips a week,
swimming, museums, park adventures
and so much more. 

Our staff is here to honor your roll as a parent,
and to partner with you in the development of your children.

We teach more than martial arts!
As parents we understand the challenges working parents face everyday.
Let us help you with the stress of summer & after school activities & home work.

We are well trained in child care development. Come  and  join our extended family, and experience what makes us different.Confidence - Focus – Coordination – Self discipline
We transport - Servicing Kinder & Up- Limited Space


Outside Activities - Snacks - Homework - Martial Arts
Most Importantly - We Love Children.


We are 1/2 FULL